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We think you'll appreciate knowing that our Roof Exams are conducted by real technicians that undersatand the full living roofing sytem. We will properly diagnose and report all issues pertaining the roofing system as a whole.


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What Is a Roof Exam?

Roof Exams are not Unlike Physical Health Exams.

Simply put, a roof exam is a thorough inspection by a trained specialist who accurately documents and diagnoses any issues with a roof. Think of it as a house-call by a physician; they take a look, write their notes and prescribe a treatment. You wouldn't get the same result from an actual physical roofer who is essentially a surgeon or nurse in this analogy.

Why Have an Exam?

Risk Mitigation


Our exams are the first step in a process that can save you big money & diminish the risk to your property via PREVENTION, QUICK ATTENTION, PROPER REPAIRS, and/or A LIFTIME WARRANTY to back up a new roof.

How Does This Work?

After making and appointment, one of our Haag Certified Roof Inspectors, known as "Restoration Specialists", will come out to perform the exam. When completed, the results of the exam will be shared with you via the 17 point checklist and and photographs taken of any damages. This turns into a consultation and solutions meeting.

What Are the Costs Involved?

Costs invoved with roof reparis are often very small.

A roof exam WON'T cost a dime!
Our solutions will have formal free estimates. You can choose to pay out of pocket (financing avaiable) or if damages are covered under your insurance policy, we will work with your adjuster to get you what is fair.

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Our Courteous Staff of Restoration Specialists are Here to Help!


Our job isn't over until we know you're in the clear!
If you want our help with repairs, your assigned inspector/specialist will guide you through the process. From picking the right solutions and products to navigating and advocating insurance claim, they will keep you informed and at ease. They will introduce and hand you over a Production Manager before the repairs are made and then follow up after each project is completed.

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